Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hello Again

I have been fumbling around with what to write for this post for weeks now. How do I explain a ten month absence, or do I even try?

Here's the short version of the last ten months in my corner of the world:
(Trust me, this IS the short version!)
1. Hubby got a new job, with a commute that wasn't feasible for him.
2. We put our house on the market. It sold in TWO days. (Unbelievable!)
3.Selling our house that quickly meant that we had to put our belongings in storage and move in with my parents, who live between the old job and the new job. While the hubby commuted forty-five minutes one way, I drove our son forty-five minutes the other way because I had promised him he could finish his last month at his old school.
4. Did I mention that my parents don't have internet? Or even a computer? This rocked my world.
5. We found a house near the new job, but the contract fell apart. Don't ask me if I'm still bitter about this.
6. By this time we were nearing capacity levels for stress. We had put in so much time trying to find the right house in the right school district at the right price (not to mention all the hoops we had jumped through with the new financing laws), and it had all fallen apart the day before closing. I was sick of looking for a house.
7. A friend in my hometown said, "Hey, the parsonage is open." (He had been living there while he remodeled his own home and had just moved out two months prior.) We didn't want to stay in this little town. We didn't want to move into the parsonage. We wanted to move close to hubby's job.
8. We moved into the parsonage. (I can't believe I just typed that.) I hate to say it was out of desperation, but it kind of was. We got our things out of storage (which had partially flooded), cleaned what we could and threw away the rest.
9. My hubby decided a forty-five minute commute was fine. We enrolled the kiddos at my old elementary school, which is JUST ACROSS THE STREET. We attend church NEXT DOOR. My parents farm is only a few miles out of town. It's all VERY convenient.
10. When school started I subbed a lot. I volunteered a lot. I was asked to do a long term sub job at the elementary from early November till Christmas. That knocked me out of NaNo, and I was surprised by how disappointed this made me feel.

I had been itching to get back in the swing of things. I wanted to write again. I wanted to blog again. (And even try to do better at keeping a schedule!) I wanted to get back in touch with the people I was just beginning to get to know in the blogosphere. So if any of you are still out there, please forgive my absence. (And please still be my friend!)

Here's to a new start!