Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Slice of Pie (or Two)

I might not be a great writer (yet), but I can bake a great pie. At least, that’s what this trophy says:

Of course, it could also say there needs to be more than one entry, but I hope that’s not it.

When I lived in this small town as a child, being in 4-H and FFA were a big part of my life. I grew up in the ag industry. So when our local livestock show was held a couple of weeks ago I wanted to support it and the families involved with it now even though my own children aren’t old enough to participate yet. Along with the stock show, the ag boosters hosted a bake show. After the baked goods were judged they were auctioned to raise money for the stock show premiums. I entered a chocolate pie that Saturday morning and went on my merry little way, hoping the pie tasted okay.

I guess it tasted better than just okay. (Yea! I didn't mess it up!)

For some people, making a good homemade pie isn’t a big deal. For most of us, though, it takes a lot of practice and (sometimes) luck. I won’t bore you with the details of the neurotic steps I take to make sure my pie turns out, but I will tell you that more than once I’ve made two pies just in case one is a disaster.

There are so many variables in making a pie, sometimes I’m amazed it doesn’t end up a sloppy mess more often.

And isn’t it that way with writing? We know what goes into a story to make it good. We know the steps we have to take. We know what to avoid. (How many of us have been told “show, don’t tell” but do it anyway?) With practice we get better, but sometimes it’s still a sloppy mess.

Hopefully we’ll reach the point that our writing will be even better than that pie, and someone will award us something even better than a pie trophy – publication.


  1. Publication would be awesome! And hey, a great piece of pie can't be beat! =)

  2. Carolyn, if I could, I would send a piece to you!

  3. Congrats! That must have been an incredible piece of pie. Love the analogy.