Thursday, February 4, 2010

Breaking News from ICE LAND!

Technically, I am not in ICE LAND (also known as Oklahoma) anymore since it has all melted now, but today is the first day I have been in my home since last Friday! Oh, internet, how I missed you!

I was planning to post last Thursday afternoon, but our power went out due to all the ice forming on the power lines and tree limbs. (I guess I'll save that post for later!) SIX DAYS LATER, we got our power back on. I wasn't really surprised it took so long, even though we live in town. The blackout was massive. In fact, there are communities north of us that are still completely without power.

It's amazing what an extended power outage can do to your frame of mind. I spent part of this past week with my parents, who only went two days without electricity. While I was there, they lost power two more times, but only for a few hours each time. I didn't realize how much it affected me until it came back on the second time. My mood instantly lifted and I started hopping around, happy to do some housework! What was that about?

So anyway, I'm happy to say I'm home! I'm warm! I have internet! I don't think I can possibly catch up on the blogs, especially with a mountain of laundry and dishes calling my name. And I haven't written a word in over a week. (Feeling more than a little guilty about that, but that's another post.)

Here's to getting back to life! (As I know it!)


  1. Wow, I couldn't imagine being without electricity for almost a week! Glad you're back home and I hope things return to normal soon:)

  2. That happened to us last fall, 6 days without electricity. We had loads of family bonding time :)

  3. Welcome back to the real world. Good luck catching up and settling back into normalcy. :-)