Monday, November 9, 2009


Editing your novel is like pouring bleach down your kitchen sink. They both get the stink out.

Yes, today I am cleaning my house. Tonight, it's NaNo time! (Right now I'm behind on both!)


  1. Hi Jen,

    Thank you for the wonderful, thoughtful comment you left on my blog this week. It feels so GOOD (and surreal) to know that others are trying NaNo because of me. You have given ME the encouragement I needed to keep going. Thank you. THANK YOU!

    I'm proud of you for writing so much this week! You aren't behind. You're far, far ahead of where you were at the beginning of the month!

    — Steph

    P.S. And there's still PLENTY of time to win ;)

  2. keep plugging away on nanowrimo! oh yeah and dont forget to reach the REAL dirty places. ;)

  3. I am editing and doing NaHoCleMo (National House Cleaning Month) because as my friend, Kasie said, "I don't need any more help being obsessed with writing. Cleaning my house on the other hand..." :)

    Right now the book editing is going swimmingly. The house cleaning on the other hand, let's just say it's a work in progress. Anyway, good analogy and good luck with your writing.

  4. I should really sign up for NaHoCleMo. I have gotten in a bad habit of just doing the light housework. My closet needs attention in the worst way.
    I'm so glad your edits are going well. I can't tell you how much I look forward to getting to that step myself.